Benefits of BD Universal Viral Transport Medium

Posted by anna on March 3, 2022

BD(tm) Universal Viral Transport Medium is a highly effective system for the transportation of viruses, chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, and ureaplasmas. It is the only viral transport medium approved by the FDA for storage at room temperature. In addition, it is designed to maintain viability of organisms for up to 48 hours in the same container. It has many benefits.

The BD universal viral transport system is specifically formulated for the transportation of chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, and ureaplasmas. The product is a sterile, non-refrigerated product that does not require freezing or refrigerated storage. It also contains a blend of antimicrobics, which targets bacterial contamination during transportation and preservation.

BD Universal Viral Transport Medium (UTM) is a room-temperature-compatible collection system. This unique blend of antimicrobics ensures chlamydiae and other virus species remain viable even after being transported. The solution is also suitable for long-term freezing. It can be easily transported and preserved without the need for refrigerated storage. And unlike other carriers, BD uvt also preserves chlamydiae in the presence of bacterial contamination.

BD uvt medium provides reliable and consistent results. The BD universal viral transport system is FDA-cleared and is ideal for storing clinical specimens containing viruses, mycoplasmas, and ureaplasmas at room temperature. In addition, it is also a convenient alternative to traditional methods of frozen storage of chlamydiae. With its unique blend of antimicrobics, bd uvt is able to preserve chlamydiae even after being stored on ice or refrigerated.

BD uvt is a refrigerated system designed for the transportation of viruses, chlamydiae, and mycoplasmas. Unlike other methods, uvt is a shelf-stable solution and does not require freezing. It also supports the long-term storage of chlamydiae and mycoplasmas. Its unique blend of antimicrobics helps protect the chlamydiae from contamination and prolongs the life of the cells.

The BD uvt system is FDA-cleared and is suitable for the transport of viruses, chlamydiae, and mycoplasmas at room temperature. It does not require refrigeration or freezing. The BD uvt system also retains the viability of chlamydiae after 48 hours in the storage tube. These advantages make BD uvt an excellent choice for clinical laboratories.

bd uvt medium is a highly effective medium for rapid and accurate titration of viral samples. Moreover, it is a good choice for tagging influenza specimens for a variety of diagnostic purposes. There are no adverse effects of bd universal transport medium. The products are available for purchase online. If you are considering buying a uvt medium, be sure to check the manufacturer's website for further information.


BD Universal Viral Transport System

The BD Universal Viral Transport System (UVT) is an easy-to-use and convenient kit for the safe and efficient transportation of chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, ureaplasmas and other viruses. Its unique formulation and flexibility make it a great choice for laboratories. Using the UVT System reduces the risk of spillage and ensures proper virus storage, making it ideal for a variety of laboratory applications.

The BD Universal Viral Transport System is designed to transport chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, and ureaplasmas at room temperature, eliminating the need for ice or refrigeration. This means you can store the samples without the hassle of refrigerating or shipping them on ice. Using a unique blend of antimicrobics in the BD Universal Viral Transplant system helps protect the viruses even if they are frozen.

The BD Universal Viral Transport System is designed to maintain the viability of viruses and chlamydiae for up to 14 days in a fridge or freezer. Its advanced formulation prevents bacterial and fungal contamination. Its phenol red pH indicator ensures its integrity. BD's Flocked Nylon Swabs can be used for rapid diagnosis of diseases like influenza, hepatitis C, and herpes.

The BD Universal Viral Transport System uses a proprietary blend of antimicrobics to preserve chlamydiae for long-term storage and retrieval. It can be stored at room temperature, so that the virus does not need refrigeration. In addition, the BD universal Viral Transport System is designed to prevent mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas from becoming infected when stored frozen.

BD's BD Universal Viral Transport System is made specifically to store chlamydiae, mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas at room temperature. It is not recommended for freezing or refrigerated storage of chlamydiae. The BD UVT system requires seven to fourteen days to be delivered to you. It is easy to use and maintain.

BD's manufacturing facility is currently supplying hundreds of thousands of swabs to the US market each week. BD's new facility is ready to meet the demands of healthcare professionals. Its BD UVT system includes swabs, vials, prepackaged kits, and other tools for the safe and effective collection of clinical specimens. It can be easily used for swab collection in clinics and hospitals.

BD UTV is an FDA-cleared collection system for COVID-19, chlamydia, and other bacterial and viral specimens. It is suitable for long-term freeze storage of clinical specimens. Its plastic screw-cap tube contains a protective gel that maintains organism viability for 48 hours. Its FDA clearance is important to medical facilities. The UTV is also a useful tool for researchers.

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